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Jan. 23, 2009- KSDK-TV St. Louis- Kay Quinn interviews Michele and I about our lives with Katy in a feature for “Mom’s Like Me,” a local website affiliated with our NBC station here in St. Louis. The story came out of a comment Michele made on the website about dealing with not only five children, but also one with special needs. Katy’s chromosome deletion is misstated here, however. Katy has a chromosome deletion on 6, not 3.


Exceptional Parent Magazine – August 2010 – This article concerning our life dealing with Katy’s chromosome deletion was written by Nathan Charlan and is based on the interviews we did with


Click on the Photo for the complete article concerning Katy's story.

Web – Summer of 2010 – The two interviews linked below were conducted in March of 2010 as a part of the launch of the site. We still blog for the site as well. Chromosome 6 Deletion Episode

Raising a Child with a Chromosome 6 Deletion - Part 1 chromosome 6 deletion part 2

Katy's siblings talk about life with Katy

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