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Finding a New Hope

June 6, 2008

Here are the first shots of Katy and her new puppy, “Hope.” Hope is five and a half months old and is just about the sweetest dog you’ve ever met (with maybe the exception being her old dog, Sammy).

She loves to play (sometimes too much) and we’re still in the process of getting her house trained. More than anything, that’s just meant we’ve had to get off our butts and get walking with her and that’s not a bad thing.

She had her first vet appointment yesterday, and besides being terrified by the prospect of getting in the car, she passed the tests with flying colors. Dr. Gilge mentioned to us she just may have to take Hope home with her for three weeks for “observation.” We declined the offer…

Since we got the puppy, Katy’s “depression” from being without her brothers and sisters for the last week has seemed to disappear. Her appetite’s back and she’s back on her normal sleep schedule (for the most part)!

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