Deciding on a New School

April 20, 2010

Today, we meet with close to 20 teachers, therapists, school directors and administrators to make decisions for the next year of Katy’s schooling. Known as an IEP, or an individualized education program, this is mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and determines our course of action, including Katy’s school as she enters Kindergarten next August.

We received a call from Marty, our regional administrator for Parkway, last week to ask if we could meet him for a tour of a different school than we had originally thought would be Katy’s educational home for the next nine years. We’d been wondering if this was going to happen. Let’s just say, we had heard from a number of people close to Katy that they thought she would be better off at another school than the one she was slated to attend.

So, off Shel and I went yesterday for our tour. Let me tell you, tours of this type are very different than the ones we’ve taken for the other kids in grade school and high school. When your main questions and comments concern whether or not the classrooms have doors or are open (Katy hates the sound of a door latching), are there ramps to all areas of the school, is the playground accessible, will Katy be integrated into a “normal” classroom as well, etc., it’s a completely different experience.

We left hoping it would be a good fit for her. It’s very much like it was when we she went off to preschool at the Early Childhood Development Center. We were scared to death as to how she would do. Early Childhood ended up being the best thing that could have happened for her and for us. She has thrived in school. Now, of course, we don’t want her to leave.

Unfortunately, that’s not an option anymore.

We just have to hope that development continues for the next stage. If it doesn’t work here, than we move on to other options.

Wish us luck!

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