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November 4, 2010

There are times, I’m sure, over the past few years where I’ve been busier in my life; but I’m having a hard time thinking of when. My apologies for not updating this with all the info from Mayo. I’ve been working on the post and on the video and it should be ready this weekend (I hope!).

One big update: Katy’s pathology results came back from her surgery on Monday and the mole she had removed was benign. Hooray! Besides a very unhappy day on Tuesday, Katy has had absolutely zero effects from the procedure. Let’s hope that continues.

This past Friday, we were at Shriner’s for a previously scheduled appointment concerning her legs. Imagine my surprise when they told me they didn’t think Botox would do any good at all for her right ankle. They recommend we do a surgical procedure to lengthen the heel cord as well as the tendon that comes down the instep to help prevent her from pulling her foot up and in. So now, we have a third opinion (or is this fourth) scheduled with the chief orthopedist at Cardinal Glennon next Friday. Where we go from here, I really don’t know.

On to happy memories. I know I need to get the Mayo information up, but this was too special not to share as soon as I could. As many of you know, Katy has participated in a program called SPENSA (SPEcial Needs Soccer Association) this fall. This past Saturday was the final weekend of the fall session. To say this was a special day would be a horrible understatement. We were overjoyed to see Alex again – who is from Rockwood Summit High School, not SLU as I reported from a month or so ago. And to make things even better, Whitney and Jenny from Lindenwood University were able to make it back again.

This is one story that’s probably better viewed than told. So take a look below:

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