Katy’s Taking Her iPad to School

Last Monday, I attended a training session with the Parkway Special School District on using the iPad and the augmentative communication application Proloquo2go. Katy’s speech therapist and her student aid attended, as well. Together, we formulated a plan to start introducing Katy’s iPad into her school day. Now, anyone who has ever seen Katy with […]

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What to do about allergies? And a little more soccer!

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Tonight I sat up in my bed with Katy after the two of crawled around my room together. It’s one of the cutest things I think I’ve ever seen her do. We know she has the ability to crawl but she doesn’t use it very often. So, when I said, “Come on, Kates, crawl with […]

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Have Wheelchair, Will Kick

Katy participated in her first day of wheelchair soccer practice today as part of the SPENSA (SPEcial Needs Soccer Association) program in St. Louis. We didn’t even get signed in before wonderful young ladies from the Lindenwood University Women’s Soccer Team decided Katy was who they wanted to work with for the morning. Hey, we […]

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A Summer in Review – Video style

Posted a bunch of short videos on youtube this evening which can help me kind of put this summer in perspective. You’ve already seen the videos of some of Katy’s other firsts: first time walking in the pool, first time climbing up the stairs, saying her name, trying to escape the house, and on and […]

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Katy’s a Kindergartner!

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I know, I know, everyone’s been wanting information on how our little girl did on her first day of kindergarten and more. Truth is, as Katy is prone to do, she made everyone wonder what all the stress was about. No nap? No problem! From a half day to a full day in school? No […]

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When Months Simply Disappear

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A lot has happened since that last post of Katy walking in the water: I’ve found myself dealing with stresses and problems I’ve been trying to maneuver around for five years. And unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation that has gotten thrown around for far too long. I have no interest in airing my […]

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Our Little Girl – Surprising us again

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Sorry it’s been so long between posts. Life catches up with us every once in a while, I guess. I have about 15 videos to post from the last couple of weeks; but they’re mostly going to have to wait. The one I’m posting today happened just this afternoon and trumps the rest of them. […]

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Fun & Fears

It has been quite the interesting last week or so at our house. As you can tell, I haven’t posted a thing since this past Wednesday. I came down with some sort of virus or cold. Katy was next in line. Bryan followed shortly after and last but not least came Shel. Then, this morning, […]

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Katy can walk… in water

I have felt horrible the last couple of days and am about of gas tonight as well; but I wanted to share this video I just finished of Katy at her aqua therapy. (With a few clips of her talking with her sister on the way as well! Aqua Therapy may be Katy’s favorite thing […]

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Potty Training with My Little Girl

This Friday, we go back in to see Katy’s urologist. We’ll repeat the same tests we did back at the end of last year and see if the Deflux operation has stopped the reflux back into Katy’s kidneys. Since last October, when Katy went more than 30 hours in between tinkles, we haven’t had another […]

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