Lot to Share… Coming Soon!

October 31, 2010

Yes, Katy’s little journey has been all over the map since we got back from Mayo. And we have a lot to share with you once I get the opportunity to sit down and edit a bunch of video and proof some rough drafts of some articles. All I’ll say for now is “Check back with us by Wednesday. You won’t be disappointed.”

For now, though, we have more important things to consider. Katy is expected at Cardinal Glennon at 5:45 am on Monday morning, November 1, for surgery to remove a possibly cancerous mole on her scalp. Yes, she will need to be put under general anesthetic for the procedure. I’ll update this site as soon as I have information to give you.

Thanks for checking in with us – and don’t forget, you definitely want to check back in with us this week. I’ve got a lot of great video – and some great stories to tell.



UPDATE 11/1/10 2:20 PM: Katy is back home, doing remarkably well. We don’t know if that’s the morphine they gave her still not wearing off or something else; but so much for a sleepy baby coming home and resting. She almost conked out twice within the first 20 minutes of being home. Since then, she’s been her usual self taking over the house. She’s already been hungry enough to eat a (probably too) big lunch and is showing no signs of slowing down. Videos will hopefully be added tonight.


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