Katy's First Day of Kindergarten

Katy’s a Kindergartner!

August 22, 2010

I know, I know, everyone’s been wanting information on how our little girl did on her first day of kindergarten and more. Truth is, as Katy is prone to do, she made everyone wonder what all the stress was about.

No nap? No problem! From a half day to a full day in school? No problem! Brand new teachers who haven’t worked with Katy before? No problem! Just unbelievable.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a ton of “First day of Kindergarten” photos to share. Below I’ll post a little bit of the video my Mom took. See, we learned during pre-school that the best way to get Katy to listen to her teachers (or therapists, or anybody for that matter) is for Shel and I to be nowhere where Katy can see us. As soon as she sees me, then she wants me to take care of her. Yes, yes, I know, it probably means I spoil my little girl. Sue me. So, I didn’t actually get to take Katy to her first day of class. That job fell to Papa. It’s a job he loves. It also meant that photos and video responsibilities fell to Nana.

Thankfully, she has already been to her new school a few times to play, so she’s not completely unaware of her new surroundings.

Our biggest fears? Always the same – how will she respond to her new teachers and therapists? Will they be able to keep the improvements and advancements coming the same way her old ones did? We have similar thoughts with our other kids, hoping they get along well with their teachers, hoping they respond to a certain style. But I don’t thing it really compares to what we go through with Katy. You have to understand before Katy worked with Marcia – her music therapist – we had a non-verbal little girl. She used fewer than 10 sounds. Fast forward to now where we have a little girl that may not be able to accurately make every sound; but now we can’t get her to shut up! (Trust me, that’s a good thing.) When you have teachers and therapists that have that big of an effect on your child, it terrifies you to move to something else.

However, Marcia has reassured us that Katy’s new music-therapist is a friend of hers and is perfect for the job of working with Katy, so we’re excited about the possibilities.

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