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November 14, 2010

One of the things about working in a retail environment is that once you hit November, your job pretty much takes over your life. Such is the way these last two weeks have gone. My apologies for the lack of information – especially for any information on the pathology report after Katy’s surgery last week. I’ll update that below as well as give you the latest on Katy’s right ankle. Highs and lows, folks. Highs and lows.

First the pathology report found the mole removed to be benign – no cancer. There’s a high.

Our third (or is this fourth) opinion on Katy’s right ankle left us with probably more questions than it answered. (I seem to write that a lot here, don’t I?) This opinion came courtesy of the head of Cardinal Glennon’s orthopedic department. Her opinion: Botox might have an effect. Might. But she would recommend a surgical procedure known as a gastroc recession. What is that you ask? Well, instead of making incisions on the heel cord (achilles tendon) near the heel (imagine that), they instead make multiple incisions in the calf muscle near where it meets the achilles tendon. The benefits? Evidently it is a much quicker recovery time and you have much better chance of not destabilizing the ankle even more (which seems like it is a possible side effect of the heel cord surgery if you lengthen the cord too much).

At this point, we still don’t know what we’re going to do. I need to make a bunch of phone calls tomorrow to get more information and we’ll hopefully come up with our answer in the next couple of days.

For those of you wonderful people who have been so great and sent me your database files with your child’s information: “THANK YOU!” I hope to get the information updated this week, as well.

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Marine February 2, 2016 at 10:59 pm

My name is Marine and I came across your blog when I was trying to do my own research on chromosome 6 deletion. I am an OTA student at the moment doing fieldwork at a pediatric outpatient clinic and met a kiddo with this same rare syndrome. I noticed you mentioned music therapy was the most beneficial for your child, but I was wondering how OT has been working out for your little girl? Also if there are some tips that you could tell me that have been working for Katy that could maybe work for my patient.
Thank you for your time


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