Birthday Wishes

March 5, 2010

I’m going to wake up pretty soon and realize that my little girl isn’t so little anymore. She turned ‘ive today. (Yes, that’s “five” without the f.) She still has problems saying the first consonant in a consonant-vowel-consonant sound, but wow what an improvement this is compared to a year ago.

The answer to the question on everybody’s mind this week is: “no,” Katy has not had a repeat seizure after Monday. We see her neurologist, Dr. Callahan on Wednesday for an EEG and an immediate appointment to go over results. (Thank God for that.) The most wonderful thing about EEGs for this type of thing is that Katy has to be asleep for them to do the test. (I need a sarcasm font.) It is soooo easy to get Katy just to go to sleep – especially in the middle of the day. They’ve advised us to keep her up two hours later than normal the night before and wake her up two hours earlier that morning. Pray that it works. Otherwise we’re going to have one crabby kiddo on our hands and no information to show for it.

Last night, we had dinner at Pasta House with Nana and Papa for Katy’s birthday. “Happy Birthday” has been one of Katy’s favorite songs since earlier this year when Shel’s Dad came over for his birthday. From the time we sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa Popcorn, Katy has continued to sing (and sign) the song for everyone including herself, Muno (her favorite cyclopian doll-now famous from his spectacular bowling appearance in the Kia SUV commercials in the Super Bowl), Hope – our dog, her See-and-Say toy, a piece of cheese, ice cream, a sock, a cracker and who knows how many other of God’s creatures. Happy Birthday to all is Katy’s motto!

Well, anyway, Katy’s been singing and signing Happy Birthday to herself for most of this week since Shel has been working on getting Katy to saw how old she was going to be. So, most of the way through dinner, Katy’s making sure I know who’s birthday it is in song. We finish eating and our waitress brings out a sundae glass with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles. She puts a candle in the middle of it and lights it. We start to sing Happy Birthday and before we get even a full verse in, Katy gets a huge smile on her face, flaps her arms like she does when she gets excited, and promptly blows out the candle before we’ve even reached her name in the song. Now first of all, I’m laughing because I figure Katy’s thinking “I’ve led the singing of this song 50 times already during dinner. Just cause you guys WANT to sing it now, doesn’t mean I want to anymore.” On top of that, I’m excited because it’s the first time I’ve ever seen her actually blow a candle out. Before, she’s always kind of – I don’t know – misted the candle a bit. You know, just kind of put her lips together and spit everywhere. But, no, this… this was a full blown Happy Birthday candle blow!

She starts cheering and clapping with her impressive birthday feat. We just give up on the song and cheer along with her. Then, she grabs the (now unlit) candle brings it up to her lips and alternatingly blows on it and cheers. (And expects us all to cheer each time, as well.) Finally, we get the waitress back over to light the candle again (and somehow get the candle to stay straight in a quickly melting sundae) and we try to sing Happy Birthday again. This time she allowed us get all the way through.

Didn’t diminish her cheers, though, after she blew the candle out once again. Didn’t diminish our’s either.

Happy Birthday little girl…

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