“ahp-ee mama ay!” – Now with Video!

May 9, 2010

Ahp-ee mama ay!

Yes, in Katy speak, that is “Happy Mother’s Day.” But it is much cuter to actually hear it.  And now you can! See below:

We didn’t know how Mother’s Day was going to go this year. Shel came down with something Saturday night and her stomach was still bothering her badly this morning. Katy must have had it as well earlier in the day. She was dealing with a lot of stomach pain on Saturday morning. Were the two related? No idea, but it sure seems like it.

By late morning, though, everybody seemed to be feeling a lot better. We spent the day outside at five, count-em five, lacrosse games. Three for Bryan and two for Mags. I ended up missing one entire game helping a mother fix a flat tire. Having a manual to her vehicle would have helped greatly getting the spare down from underneath the back of the van; but we got the family on their way to a tire store!

From there, we celebrated Mom’s Day in tropical style. (For those of you that don’t know Shel that well, she loves everything Caribbean.) So, we had frozen margaritas in her new frozen drink mixer, she got two new mini palm trees and we had a seafood dinner on the grill. I think she liked it.

So, a Happy Mother’s Day to my wife, who is an incredible Mother to our small army of a family. It’s amazing to me that we are able to function as well as we do even with everything going on in our lives. Not only that, but she’s a successful business woman, as well. She amazes me every day and I’m thankful our paths crossed long enough for us to become a family.

And a big thanks to my Mom, Nana to all our kids, for everything she does for us. Even in the midst of recovery from knee surgery, she keeps trying to tell us to bring Katy over as often as possible. I know she’s still hurting, if she doesn’t want to let on to it too often.

And thanks to all the incredible Mommy’s out there who constantly put their children first in everything they do. You sacrifice a lot to get our kiddos the help they need and the support and love they crave. You’re all wonderful.

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