A Summer in Review – Video style

August 29, 2010

Posted a bunch of short videos on youtube this evening which can help me kind of put this summer in perspective. You’ve already seen the videos of some of Katy’s other firsts: first time walking in the pool, first time climbing up the stairs, saying her name, trying to escape the house, and on and on.

One other first for Katy this year was her first lost tooth. This went on for about a month. Katy loved to show everyone her loose tooth but when you tried to touch it, she would push your finger away with her tongue. The video below was her favorite video to watch for about a month after the fact. I’m not sure what she liked about it so much, but there was something about that tooth. She ended up losing it on June 21 while we were at Shriner’s getting new braces made. That video isn’t quite as fun. A lot of crying going on there… think we’ll skip that one for now.

In July, we ended up in another return to the hospital for a strange infection that popped up on Katy’s right leg. You can’t really see it in the video, but Katy’s right shin turned bright red and was physically hot to the touch. Not warm. Hot. We brought her in at 7 pm and we were still sitting in the emergency room long into the night. The video below happened at about 10:15 that night, a full hour and a half before they moved us up to her room. I spent the night with her there while they had her hooked up to an IV from about 1:15 am through about 2 pm the next day. Somehow we ended up going home that afternoon; but not because the doctors solved the problem. Well, I guess you could say they did the job; the infection cleared up by 11 am the next morning. The only problem is not one of the doctors believed that the antibiotics could have worked that quickly. Just another mystery. Thankfully, nothing serious came out of it.

This final video typifies what Katy is like as a sister. She’s taken to calling her big brother Bryan her “buddy.” The best part about this video is that this wasn’t some unique event that never happened again. This is pretty much what dinners are like with Katy – as long as she’s not completely exhausted.

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Aunt Pat September 13, 2010 at 3:59 pm

Thanks for sharing your summer with us!


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