I know it’s been a long time since I updated this site with information. Let’s chalk it up to just how active our little girl has become! We celebrate our little girl’s birthday on Wednesday and I think it’s important to look back at just how far she’s come. As I was weighing my options […]



It has been far too long since we updated this site. So much has happened involving our family and Katy that many times updating this site just seemed to be one more “chore” that I just didn’t want to deal with at the time. I’m really disappointed that I let it get that way. With […]


Five Things You Should Know About a Special Needs Family

Our journey as a special needs family has had amazing highs and astonishing lows. Through it all, I’ve experienced the joys of a family growing stronger together in the face of a true unknown with Katy’s chromosome deletion. Even with all of that strength, we are still faced daily with obstacles and emotions that we […]

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Happy Sixth Birthday to My Little Girl

This past weekend, Katy celebrated her sixth birthday. One of the things that sneaks up on you when you have a little one that can’t stand on her own is that you don’t get to see just how tall she is getting very often. Consequently, I guess, it’s just shocking to find that your little […]

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Honored, Privileged, Blessed to be the Parent of a Special Needs Child

This weekend, Michele and I were truly honored to be asked to speak to a group of 5th and 6th graders about our experience as a family raising Katy. One of Michele’s clients had done an interview with us last summer and knew the story of Katy’s chromosome deletion. She asked us to tell the […]

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Surgery, Casts and Meds. That’s Sweet, Dude!

On Tuesday, December 28, Katy had her right heel cord lengthened at Shriner’s Hospital here in St. Louis. She has been in a cast just below her knee ever since. And, once again, our concerns on how she would react to a cast, on how she would deal with the pain, on pretty much everything, […]

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Dreams that You Dare to Dream

I read a post this week about how some people get the chills when they listen to certain musical pieces. I’m one of those people. What’s interesting about this to me is that I never gave a thought that some people didn’t get chills when they listened to special musical numbers. Never crossed my mind. […]

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Surgeries, Bladders and Peanuts, Oh My!

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I took Katy to see her urologist this week for her final follow-up after her March 31 surgery for reflux. Thankfully, everything seems to be functioning correctly – for now. So, no more tests involving filling Katy’s bladder with 3 liters of liquid and x-raying her for a while at least. (Thank God.) But there’s […]

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Bad Day? Just Add Whip Cream

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Like every family dealing with a child with special needs, we have our good days and we have our bad days. We also have days like today that feature both. We ended up at the cell phone store today, trying to get two phones fixed/replaced. For whatever reason, today was the day for Katy to […]

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